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Painting, drawing and engraving from the X to the XVIII century
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Pittura, Disegno ed incisione di artisti dal X al XVIII century
Uccelli appesi.<br/>Jacobus J. Van der Haagen () 70x60cm-olio,tela-coll.priv.  
Uccelli appesi.
Jacobus J. Van der Haagen () 70x60cm-olio,tela-coll.priv.
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Under the sponsorship of the Foundation of the Mount of the Paschi of Siena it will be opened in Siena in the 2008 dedicated extension to Ingres. And' with satisfaction, knowing to make useful and appreciate what, that in advance payment, the attempt to promote and to gratify the event, we put on linens on hand the Omnia Work of the artist of all those who, lovers of the Art, wish to take vision of the produced works.


Painting , drawings and engraving from X to XVIII century

Art works: 729
Pictures : 335
Frescoes: 0
Miniature: 0
Drawings : 380
Engraving : 11
Sculptures: 0
Books interested: 191
Monographic books: 1
Bibliographical references: 953
Auctions: 111
Sotheby’s has passed in auction: 42
Christie’s has passed in auction: 58
Finante has passed in auction: 0
Algranti has passed in auction: 0
Semenzato has passed in auction: 0
Others has passed in auction: 11
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