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Painting, drawing and engraving from the X to the XVIII century
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Pittura, Disegno ed incisione di artisti dal X al XVIII century
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Sacra Famiglia e S. Giovannino.
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G.E.M.A. – Great Multimedia Encyclopaedia of Art
For painting, drawing and engraving from the X to the XVIII century

G.E.M.A. – The Great Multimedia Encyclopaedia of Art contains in its data bank more than 50.000 files about artists, including for each of them a synthetic biography and over 1 million works counted in a census, attributed artist by artist with the corresponding biography.

To whom G.E.M.A. is referring
Examples of partnership with G.E.M.A.
How to enter the data bank of art
Why G.E.M.A. is the biggest Multimedia Data bank of Art

To whom G.E.M.A. is referring

Girolamo Bulgarini D'ElciThe purpose of G.E.M.A. is to offer a service, as complete as possible, to all those who have something to do with the world of Art, professional or not.

With Opera Omnia, G.E.M.A. places at disposal of the professionals (artists, art critics, researchers, antique dealers, collectors, universities, art schools, museums, auctions, editors, banks, insurances, etc.) a unique, complete, reliable and fast service.

Unique, because for the first time, for a certain artist, all data about their works are collected in a systematic way, either being part of collections and put up for auctions.

Complete, because the collected data base themselves appeal to an expressly selected and constantly updated archives-library 

Reliable because the purpose of G.E.M.A. is to previously collect and then classify the works from official records, such as books, catalogues of exhibitions, catalogues of auctions, etc., without anything made up.

Fast because using the multimedia techniques it is able to obtain the requested data (the Opera Omnia of the artist) in very short time, and immediately for the ones already complete.

G.E.M.A., with its data bank, is particularly suitable for researchers and students, because they have the possibility to get straight away the corpus of the produced works of the examined artist, lightening their work.

It is congenial to editors, because they can have under control competition straight away. Because together with the publishing of a biography work by work, also volume and name of the editor are quoted. Because, by quoting book and page where the work is published, the reader is led towards that publication for closer examinations.

It is congenial to museums because, in addition to a considerable promotion, it shows the location of the works and it induces to go and see them from life. Besides, with the Opera Omnia the museum is in a position to check in which books the work is published and how.

It is congenial to salerooms because it is possible to verify when and how the work has been put up for auction and with what quotations, and to keep competition under control. With the Opera Omnia of the artist then they have at their disposal an extremely useful and practical instrument to verify the attribution of the examined work and, what is absolutely unique, to verify the quotations of the artist at the present time. Furthermore with the data bank they have an ideal vehicle for promotion and circulation of their name. In the biography the name of the interested saleroom is indeed always quoted, with date and lot number.

It is congenial to all Art lovers, and you can imagine how many they are in the world, because with the Opera Omnia of an artist they can have, all together and straight away, all elements of their production: image of the work, even if minimal and approximate, description, measures, support, where the work is available and, if up for auction, even quotations of valuation and attribution. Finally they have (absolutely unique and very useful aspect) the biography work by work that allows them to determine volume and corresponding page for a deeper reference and investigation.

Finally with G.E.M.A. the first, real, systematic, complete census of the artistic heritage has began, based on the use of multimedia techniques.

G.E.M.A. is a data bank at service of all those who love Art in the world, in the awareness to carry on something useful to everybody, professional and not, for a wider and wider, deeper and pleasant knowledge of this sector, in which Italy is first in the world. 

And in the world G.E.M.A. spreads a product “Made in Italy”.

Examples of partnership with G.E.M.A.

N.B. Do you want any example of the work done or of what is possible to carry out?

Connect to the website of Compagnia di Gesù (the Jesuits): .
Also Italian Touring Club has chosen G.E.M.A.:
Also has inserted in its website the archives of G.E.M.A. artists.

How to enter the data bank of Art: research online, Opera Omnia and subscription

The website can be explored freely and without any cost to obtain information about the artists through interactive and targeted researches. For each artist you can require and buy directly online the Opera Omnia, which means the entire corpus of works created and published by artist, forming part of museums, churches, auctions, antique shops, private collections, galleries, exhibitions, etc. Furthermore, with the subscription to Artbank-Oldmaster you can consult the over 650 Opera Omnia already available online and obtain a discount of 30% on the purchase of new Opera Omnia and/or the updating of the ones already existing, carried out on a CD-support in PDF format or in the multimedia and interactive way.

The cost of one Opera Omnia is of 96 Euros, V.A.T. included.

The cost of a yearly subscription is of 480 Euros, V.A.T. included.

For all members, the cost of a single new Opera Omnia or the updating of an existing one is of 67 Euros, V.A.T. included (-30%).

Why G.E.M.A. is the biggest Multimedia Data Bank of Art

  • Because in the database over 1.000.000 attributed collected works are present, always in constant expansion.
  • Because the achieves include over 50.000 biographic cards of artists, always in constant expansion and updating.
  • Because works are classified artist by artist with: Image, Description, Genre, Measures, Support, Location, Bibliography and Quotations of auction with data of estimate and attribution.
  • Because each biographic card of artist includes the following data: Surname, Name, Nom De Plume, Time, Place, Activity, Genre, Bibliography.
  • Because with G.E.M.A. – Grande Enciclopedia Multimediale dell'Arte (Great Multimedia Encyclopaedia of Art) you can carry out targeted researches by: Artist, Activity, artistic Subject, Genre, Place, Time and for any identifier heading that appears in the research-file.



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